​​​​A Gas n Go​ alternate

What does this mean? 
If you're a passenger on an airline that has subscribed to Ascent’s ALS as its alternate to Perth, then it means you stand a very good chance of actually getting to Perth within a couple of hours of your scheduled arrival time.

A gas-n-go alternate is the term that airlines use to describe the nature of their stopover if diverted to their alternate.

In our case, it means the aircraft would land at Ascent’s ALS, and take on enough fuel to continue the flight to Perth. When the issue at Perth is resolved, the aircraft departs to Perth.

This is a major benefit to the airline, and the passengers. And not just the passengers on the diverted flight, but also the passengers at Perth, waiting to get on the aircraft for its next scheduled departure. And the passengers after THAT flight has landed, and so on.

The knock-on effects of a diversion are incredibly inconvenient for passengers, as well as airlines. It puts passengers in the wrong spot - parents with children are tired, and hungry, and eager to get home, or to their hotel. Business travellers on day-trips just for meetings have lost the entire point of the trip. And for the airline, it displaces the aircraft, and aircrew.

Displaced aircraft and aircrew is an extraordinary cost to international airlines, as they very often do not have duplicate aircraft and aircrew on standby. International aviation regulations limit the maximum time that aircrew can be on duty, and also stipulate the minimum required rest period that aircrew must receive before returning to work.